Our mission is to adopt as many commercial hens as we can and give them a loving home with plenty of fresh air, green grass and sunshine


What we do

We adopt as many commercial hens as we can and give them a home in a safe, caring environment that will allow them to exhibit their natural behaviours in fresh air, green grass and sunshine. We give the re-homed hens an identity, and recognise and respond to their individual personalities. We provide them with a large coop and run, protected by electric fencing, with plenty of space to roam; they can scratch the ground, dustbathe, and eat as much nutritious food as they want! We combine our love of hens with our passions for gardening, woodwork, photography and technology to bring all of these things together to create this platform to tell our story and the hens' tales.


Why we do it

All commercial hens in the UK are slaughtered at approximately 72 weeks old and those hens that are caged have never seen daylight, pecked at grass, or been able to dustbathe - we want to give as many hens as we can the chance to do these things. We've seen through the hens we've adopted how their individual personalities and characters blossom in a natural environment and the rewards that having these lovely creatures as pets can bring. The hens we adopt are the lucky ones. They are the ambassadors for the millions of caged commercial hens in this country that will never see natural daylight or have the sun on their backs and grass beneath their feet.


happy hens are currently enjoying their life with us

Latest from our blog


British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 23/03/2019

A long day but thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding at our BHWT re-homing with 201 hens saved from slaughter and off to their new homes. After two alarms went off at 4:15am we set off for the farm in Leicestershire. We always try and allow plenty of time and get there

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The Mavises 6 Month Henniversary

A celebration today as The Mavises reached their first milestone with us – 6 months from their adoption. These were a group of 7 hens that we adopted after our BHWT re-homing in September 2018 and sadly Clove is no longer with us, but her sisters are thriving. Aster doesn’t

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British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 24/02/2019

Another extremely rewarding day at our BHWT re-homing with over 300 hens saved from slaughter and off to their new homes. An early start to drive to the farm in Lancashire, and with 2 other BHWT teams we’d soon filled 3 sets of crates that would be driven to the

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