450 Egg Boxes

Today we bought 450 egg boxes!
We visited Sycamore Farm near Knutsford to have a look around and walked into an Aladdin’s cave of poultry goodies. We’ve seen small poultry sections at country supply shops, but it was good to be in a shop dedicated to all things poultry. There was every conceivable size of feeder and drinker, feed, tonics, bedding and other equipment and it was good to talk to the owner about different options for things like feeders and drinkers, as we increase the number of hens we have.
We couldn’t leave empty handed though, and bought some egg boxes. I’d bought 100 recently for around £8 delivered, and today buying 450 for £24 meant each box was costing 5.33p each, compared to the previous 8p we’d spent. Given that egg sales would be a key part of income for our venture we thought we’d stock up!

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