A Five Year Henniversary

A special anniversary today, five years ago on the 4th January 2015 we adopted our first 3 ex-battery hens, Angel, Belle and Holly. Moved by Sophie McCoy’s ‘Tales from the Coop’ that we got a few days before at Christmas we set about making a new coop and run and reserving the 3 girls to be picked up from Overton a couple of days later. The initial worry of the cold winter nights then the problems with the first integration with our initial group were over in time for a spring and summer watching these 3 adorable hens dig holes and sunbathe.

Five years on and in total 140 ex-commercial hens have come under our wing, some still here, and many sadly not, including those initial 3. Now also, every month or so, the girls can look across the field to see groups of hens leaving here with their new owners off to a retirement filled with fresh air and sunshine as part of our British Hen Welfare Trust hosting and volunteering. So far over 6,000 hens have passed through our home as part of our BHWT Cheshire collections, a number we’re extremely proud of, but also a number that we’ll increase.

To Angel, Belle and Holly, and the huge impact they had on us, and all the other brown feathered sweethearts that followed.

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