A Friday Night Tipple for Orchid

Orchid’s had a crop the size of a small orange the last couple of days, and because it feels like it’s got a lot of fluid inside and her breath’s a bit off, she’s probably got sour crop – time for a brandy!

We’ve never dealt with sour crop before – we’ve successfully treated impacted crops – but sour crops are new to us and despite massage, the crop isn’t reducing in size, and Orchid’s becoming more subdued. Sour crop is a yeast infection in the crop that thickens the crop wall, and the hen will lose condition and deteriorate if not treated. Advice from the BHWT is to syringe in 3ml of brandy and withdraw food and water for a day as the brandy should kill off the yeast infection, and hopefully the crop should then start to function normally, and reduce in size. Food and water can then be introduced slowly, along with probiotics.

Orchid seemed to enjoy the brandy (!) and we put her back in her hospital coop – hopefully that will start to do the trick.

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