A Little Star

White is the last of our original 4 point of lay hybrids that we got in 2014. She’s a White Star, a White Leghorn cross, and a small hen that lays lovely pure white eggs. We were told when we got her that she’d lay a lot of eggs, and as a result, wouldn’t live as long as the other hens we got with her. Now, she’s the sole hen from that group and still going strong!
I keep a count of the eggs we get form the girls, daily, mainly just for our records and so that we can see patterns, as egg laying is a sign of good health. I don’t keep a record of individual hens though, but had I done so for White, I’m sure the egg count from her would be over 600. It’s a huge amount of eggs from her tiny body, and today she laid another egg.
It’s the first egg she’s laid in at least a week, and she’s had the odd quiet period the last few days, so it was good to see a perfect white egg in the nest box this morning – a good sign that her reproductive system is still working. Also, for 2017, she has her tail back! For some reason last year one of the other hens took a fancy to her lovely white tail and nibbled away at the ends of the feathers, leaving just the shafts remaining, but now the feathers have been left alone, and look lovely.
She’s over 3 years old now, and has seen a lot of hens come and go, but she’s still ruling the roost!

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