A Taste of Things to Come

The girls haven’t been too impressed with the wet, cold, windy and wintry weather recently, but yesterday brought some sunshine and a little bit of warmth that meant lots of dust and sun bathing. This was particularly enjoyable for The Marys, re-homed in early January, who had only known winter and Berry (pictured) was first to give into the sun’s warming rays!

Rather than explore the grassy field or the woodchip paths in the vegetable garden she headed for the paving stones by the water tank and settled against the warm bricks to lay down and enjoy the bright and warm sun on her tiny body. She was on medication a few weeks ago but now seems to be over that and has a lot of new feathers growing through so she’s quite sensitive to being picked up or the unwanted attention of these pin feathers by the other hens.

Poppins enjoyed her day also, choosing to explore the compost bins, take a stroll on the lawn and scratch around the vegetable beds rather than waste her foraging time sitting around in the sunshine. Poppins too was on medication for her eye a few weeks ago and whilst it’s not fully healed it’s open more than it’s closed and she’s embracing her new life and the wonders of her new world around her.

It’s great to see these two hens in particular enjoying their time. Only a few short weeks ago they were both living in the warm kitchen with medication to fight their infections but now they’ve overcome those illnesses and had a glimpse of the spring that awaits them – bring it on!

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