A Visit to Vodafone

A road trip today for Bonbon, Lucille and Tinkerbelle as we visited a Vodafone office to talk about hens and work of the British Hen Welfare Trust.

I’d made a small pen that could fit in the trailer, and along with all the other supplies for the day – food, chopped straw, a perch, a feeder, a drinker, signs, bunting, magazines, leaflets, kitchen roll and wipes in case of any ‘accidents’, and numerous other things – the car was packed and we set off.

The Vodafone office was about 30 minutes away and I left plenty of time and got there early to get my bearings and set up in the reception area. A space had been arranged appropriately in front of a ‘#wecare’ sign and the girls soon settled in and set about re-arranging the straw on the floor and flicking out the food from the feeder – making themselves at home!

A stream of people soon came to the stall to see the girls and learn what wonderful pets they are, and hear about the work of the charity. It was lovely to see so many people interested in hens and want to stroke, or hold, a hen. The girls were more than happy to oblige, and Bonbon, Lucille and Tinkerbelle took it in turns to demonstrate how friendly and well-behaved they are, though Tinkerbelle did jump up on the side of the pen and take a good look at the fire alarm panel a few times! Bonbon and Lucille are part of the BHWT ‘Sponsor a Hen’ scheme and this was their first outing as celebrities, and was good to speak to Vodafone staff about this as a different way for people to donate to the charity, or to have an connection to hen if they can’t keep chickens themselves. Details of how the hens can be sponsored are here.

The time flew by and I started to pack up just after 3pm and take the girls back for a well-deserved spot of sunbathing, unfazed by the day they’d had. A really good day and lovely to speak to so many people about hens and the work of the charity.

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