About Us

We are David and Sarah, husband and wife, who live in Cheshire with our flock of happy hens.

We started keeping chickens in 2014 and soon discovered the rewards – for us and the hens – that keeping hens as pets can give. Throughout 2015 and 2016 we adopted several groups of ex-commercial hens and started volunteering for the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) at the Overton re-homing point. We also volunteered to represent the BHWT at events and schools, spreading the message of the charity and raising awareness of hen welfare wherever possible. We also sold eggs to colleagues at work as part of the BHWT Egg Club, with all monies we raised going back to the charity.

Throughout 2016 we’d lost a lot of hens, special hens that left a big hole in our hearts, and we needed a positive to come out of those sad times. The positive was that we’d given those hens several months, at least, of a natural life that they would have otherwise not have had. We’d watched them start as feather-bare fearful little creatures and saw them blossom into fully feathered, confident hens, each with their own personalities and full of character. We’d shown them care when they needed it, and given them an environment to thrive in, and regardless of how many days they’d had with us, each day was precious to them. In 2017 we decided we wanted to do that for as many hens as we possibly could, telling our story, and their tales, and Under My Wing is how we will do this.