Beefree Designs Greetings Cards

We got a wonderful package in the post today – 12 greetings cards from the lovely Elaine Innes at Beefree Designs that she sent to us to sell to raise funds for the hens.

The cards are beautiful, and we received the ‘Roaming Free’ series of 3 cards whose designs were inspired by Jo Barlow’s ex-batt hens and feature Effie, Miss Basket, Lupin and Lavender. The card featuring Lupin and Lavender brought a smile to our faces – we recently lost our Lupin and Lavender and the illustrations of Jo’s hens are a very close resemblance to ours!

We were also sent cards from the ‘Rescue Hen & Roaming Free’ range, again inspired by Jo Barlow’s writing and feature cats helping poorly hens – lovely illustrations on all of the cards and heart-warming scenes of the cats helping the hens.

Jasmine certainly approves and thought the dustbath looked very appealing! Elaine’s full range of cards is available at

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