Berry, Corncockle, Marigold, Poppins and Thrift go to the Vet

A few concerns about some of the hens meant a trip to the vet today – Berry and Poppins from Sunday’s rehoming aren’t progressing well, Marigold’s prolapse isn’t looking good, and whilst I’m there I’ll take Corncockle and Thrift along to get their respiratory condition looked at.

Berry was seen first as she was the hen I was most worried about. She’d laid an egg white and yolk yesterday and the vet found the remains of this and the shell stuck inside her which was hopefully the cause of her discomfort and she was prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for a week.

Marigold was up next – she’s had a bad prolapse for a few days and despite our best efforts at trying to put things back despite our best efforts at trying to put things back where they should be, Marigold insists on laying eggs, meaning that the prolapse has next to no chance of healing. The vet found an egg ready to be laid but despite Marigold being bathed, the egg wasn’t ready to appear. When Marigold does lay the egg, she’ll go back to the vet for a Suprelorin implant to stop her laying and this should give the prolapse a chance to heal.

Thrift and Corncockle have mild respiratory conditions, and crackle and wheeze occasionally. These conditions can heal themselves and Thrift should be able to shake it off. Corncockle has some mucus in her throat and needs antibiotics to help get her right again.

Poppins has a bulge to her right eye and cannot open this. She appeared okay on Sunday but has slowly become more withdrawn. The bulge was an abscess that the vet removed and should heal with bathing and antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to treat the pain.

As usual, it’s great to have Avian Veterinary Services close to hand and know that the hens are in the care of an excellent avian vet practice. I left feeling positive that these conditions are treatable – as long as Marigold passes her egg and the girls don’t object to the medicine too much!

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