BHWT Sponsor Hen 2018 Shortlist

Following on from Willow’s work as a sponsor hen for the British Hen Welfare Trust we’ve been asked to nominate another one of our ladies for their 2018 ‘Sponsor a Hen’ scheme, designed for people that cannot re-home hens themselves but still want to adopt a hen, raising income for the charity. The problem though is that there are too many lovely hens to choose from!

Each one has a story and a personality that would make them a great sponsor hen, but we can only nominate one, so we’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist of four.

Berry – cute little Berry! Rehomed in January 2018 and after a short illness is starting to thrive in her new life. She’s growing a new coat but is still so tiny and very light that she needs to be checked every few days. She’s adorable though and makes a lovely chirping sound as she goes about her daily business.

Jasmine – or ‘Jazz’ – was re-homed in July 2017 and had a bad limp meaning that she needed medication and physiotherapy when she arrived. She’s loving her life now though, always in the centre of the action despite her limp – which makes her even more adorable!

Lily – probably one of the most transformed hens we’ve had. She too was re-homed in July 2017 but had a bad limp and damaged wing, meaning she wore a bright pink strap around her body for a few weeks to help get her better. Now though, with a brand new coat, one of the top hens that will always let you know when she’s around, squawking when the treats come out or squawking to tell you to get the treats out!

Poppins – arrived also in January 2018 with Berry and within a few days had to have surgery to remove an abscess behind her eye. It’s not fully healed so she can’t see out of it properly, but that doesn’t stop her exploring as much as she can and enjoying her new freedom.

Decisions, decisions!

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