Bitsy, Lucky and Willow’s Trip to the Vet

A trip to the vet today for Bitsy, Lucky and Willow. Lucky was the main concern – she had a prolapse over a week ago and whilst this has remained in place, we felt an egg inside her and this needed to be investigated. The entrance to her oviduct is inflamed and the egg won’t be able to pass through so the vet collapsed the egg to see if this will help her. If she can’t pass the egg, it may ‘wall off’ inside her, but time will tell.

Willow was next. She’s had a messy rear for a few weeks and we manage this with bathing and Sudocrem. She’s been on anti-infamatories for a week and that’s helped things a little but she’ll now be on antibiotics as well as further Inflacam for a week to see if that helps. There may be an issue with her cloaca absorbing fluids and the medication should help with that.

Finally it was Bitsy’s turn to be examined. She’s had a limp since re-homing and was diagnosed with a broken leg – due to the lump of callus around her femur – that has now healed. She still has a limp but that’s not stopping her getting on with life and our concern was that there was something else wrong as she has a bit of twist to her body, but this is probably compensation she’s making for her leg, and she’ll be fine.

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