Blossom, Harebell, Jasmine and Orchid go to the Vet

A quadruple vet appointment today as some of the girls have been under the weather for a few days and we wanted to get them checked out.

For Blossom, Harebell and Orchid, they have crops with fibrous material in them that has reduced, but not gone completely. Their demeanour is good though and they’re eating and drinking normally so it’s more of the same for them – crop massages and water syringed into their crops if the hens aren’t drinking enough.

Jasmine’s condition though is not as solvable. She has an infection that we’re treating and her medication has been increased to add in a further drug to help with her respiratory symptoms. In addition though, she has some ‘lumps and bumps’ inside that are a concern for her long term outlook, but hopefully we can slow these down with steroids. The priority though is to clear her infection and get her weight back to a normal level for her, so that she can enjoy the spring sunshine when it arrives!

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