Brambles and Pumpkin

Brambles and Pumpkin are from our September 2015 rehoming, and along with Hazel are the last 3 from that group of 7. Unfortunately though, the tolls of their previous life are now starting to affect them, and both are on palliative care.

We took Brambles to the vet at the start of April as she had quiet spells for a few days and her breathing was a bit rattly. She was put on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories as well as the Ovarid that we already had. We’ve decided against using implants on the hens, unless they’re going to be curative, mainly because we haven’t seen positive results and all of the hens that have had an implant have become very withdrawn. We explored Ovarid as an alternative to implants as this is an animal drug that should slow down their reproductive system. Holly was on this but sadly died, and Pumpkin is too.

Pumpkin has been on Ovarid for a month or so but I’m not convinced of the effectiveness of using this. Her behaviour is okay, she has the odd quiet moment, and we’ll give her a steroid when necessary also.

It’s the sad reality that we’re at the time with Pumpkin and Brambles that their situation is visible, and their illnesses cannot be stopped. We know though that they’re had over 19 good months with us doing the things that hens should be doing, and we’ll make sure that they’re comfortable, have lots of treats and good food and care for them as best as we can.

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