British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 02/09/2018

A long day today but thoroughly rewarding as we saw over 420 lucky hens off to their new homes.

This was the third re-homing we’ve hosted and an early start to pick up the hens from their farm in the West Midlands along with other BHWT teams and volunteers. This was the first time I’ve been involved in this kind of hen collection and it was a slick operation that went like clockwork as the hens were taken from their colony cages and put into transport crates.

Back home in good time to unload the hens and let them settle in and identify any that needed their nail clipped before the adopters arrived to take the girls on the last part of their journey – to their new homes where a life of fresh grass, dustbathing and sunshine awaits.

The afternoon flew by and soon the pen was empty of hens and the volunteers had left. As I walk back to check on our hens my head is filled with happy thoughts of the day and imagining the excitement from all the hens and families that went off today.

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