British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 02/12/2018

Another very satisfying day as we helped 340 hens off to their new homes at our BHWT re-homing.

Our 5th BHWT re-homing that we’ve overseen from our house and thankfully the wet weather stayed away – the sun even manged to shine on the girls for part of the afternoon as they got used to the grass beneath their feet!

An early start as we were collecting hens from a farm in Leicestershire along with 2 other BHWT teams for collections in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. The hens were loose in a holding barn, having previously been in colony cages, which made the catching and carrying a bit more of a challenge, but we managed it in good time and left an empty barn – every one of the 700 hens was off to new life!

The volunteers were waiting for us when we got home and the crates were quickly unloaded and the first of the adopters soon arrived. We tried a different system of a loop for the cars and it seemed to work well and despite a lot of cars in the time, everything went smoothly.

Another wonderful day with 340 hens sleeping in their new coops tonight!

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