British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 07/01/2018

A very rewarding day today helping at the British Hen Welfare Trust re-homing at Overton. In around 2 hours over 350 hens met their new owners and headed off to a life of sunshine, dustbathing and as much food as the can eat!

For the first time I was involved in collecting the hens from their commercial environment and arrived at the farm at 8am with 2 other volunteers. We didn’t take the hens out of their cages – farm workers brought the hens to us and we ensured the right number were packed into crates for their journey to the collection point.

At the collection point we met the other volunteers and set up the marquee then unloaded the hens from the transport crates and counted in 353 hens. After a few hours all of the hens were off to their forever homes, the creates washed and disinfected and the marquee taken down, ready to be unpacked for the next rehoming. There were 6 poorly hens as part of this group – they came home with us!

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