British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 07/04/2019

A smaller BHWT re-homing for us today, but each hen matters and regardless of the number of hens we help see off to their new homes it’s always a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable day.

We set off early to a farm in Warwickshire – one advantage of a Sunday morning drive is that the roads are relatively quiet, and we made good time. We were picking up girls for the BHWT Wrexham team and hens were also being taken to Essex for collections there as well as Hertfordshire and Suffolk. These hens were from a commercial barn system, so the girls would soon be enjoying green grass and sunshine for the first time, and in a short period around 1,000 hens were placed into crates ready for the journey back.

When we got home the hens bound for Wrexham were unloaded and on their way, and the hens we were re-homing got a chance to stretch their legs before their adopters arrived.

There were a few first-time keepers that collected hens today, which was lovely, and good to spend time with these people to answer any questions that they had and show them how to pick up and hold a hen.

The time flew by and soon all 120 hens were off to their new coops where the sunshine awaited – enjoy your retirement girls!

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