British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 07/10/2018

A very long day today but extremely rewarding as we saw 460 hens off to their new homes.

Our 4th BHWT re-homing that we’ve overseen from our house and again the weather was on our side; colder than before but dry, which is good for us, the other volunteers and the re-homers!

The day started with an early 5am start (with two alarms set just in case) and a drive up to Lancashire to collect the hens from their colony cages. We had more volunteers helping us than we initially thought we would and that made the whole process a lot quicker that it could have been. Sophie McCoy was there, and it was great to meet her in person! It was her book – Tales from the Coop – that set us of on the journey we’re on and it was great to have her help at the farm.

We made good time getting home and unloaded the hens into their pen. The re-homers soon arrived and it was a continual stream of cars, hens being put into boxes and happy hens off with their new owners, with the number of hens getting less and less as the afternoon progressed.

The last of the adopters left and we put the remaining hens that were due to be collected over the next few days into our barn.

Another wonderful day with 460 hens sleeping in their new coops tonight!

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