British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 14/07/2018

Another 400+ hens saved from slaughter today and re-homed from our field, the second re-homing we’ve hosted.

A bit different from the previous time as today the hens were delivered to us and came from a farm in Gloucestershire. It was a hot day and we were all glad that the hens arrived safely and not too overheated and they were quickly unloaded into a fenced area where they could enjoy a bit of fresh air before the adopters arrived.

The first re-homer was early and came without a box and asked if they hens would be okay loose in the back seat of the car! We found him a box! The rest of the day went well. We’d changed the configuration of the field so that the hens were under the natural shade of a large tree, and cut a track in the grass to make it easier to recognise the loop we’d defined for the cars.

The rest of the time flew by and soon the pen was empty of hens, the volunteers had left, and we were left with a very contented feeling knowing that over 400 hens were now happily settling into their new coops.

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