British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 16/12/2018

A bonus BHWT re-homing day for us today as we helped 89 hens off to their new homes!

We were due to drive hens from a farm in Lancashire to the BHWT Wigan collection point and it seemed a good opportunity to take some crates of hens back with us – if there was demand. We spoke to Hen Central and they set up a small re-homing – we couldn’t use our field so we had to minimise the amount of traffic on our driveway – we were thinking around 50 hens would be good. At the start of the week there were a few re-homers due but after a bit of a push on social media we had around 70 hens reserved and ended up taking an extra crate and bringing back and re-homing 89 hens in total. We didn’t ask any other volunteers to come along as the number of hens and adopters was low and Sarah and I managed fine – the traffic worked out okay and before we knew it everyone had collected their hens and all crates were empty.

Every re-homing we help at is worthwhile and to see off 89 hens is just as rewarding as seeing off 500 hens – hens that are now being given the chance of a good life that they would otherwise not have had. Enjoy yourselves girls!

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