British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 19/01/2019

A great start to 2019 with over 400 hens saved from slaughter and – most – off to their new homes!

We had an early start to get to the farm in Leicestershire but arrived in time and with 3 other BHWT teams there we soon filled all the crates and had taken every single hen from the flock! We needed to take all the hens but were unsure exactly how many there were but by good fortune we took an extra 14 crates, and that was enough – just!

Back home the rest of the volunteers arrived and we unloaded all of the crates of hens so they could stretch their legs and walk on grass for the first time. Coming from a warm indoor environment to a cold January day outside would be a shock to the hens but they didn’t show it and got on with scratching the ground and having a look around them whilst having their claws trimmed if they needed it.

We wanted to re-home as many of the extra hens as we could on the day and most adopters took an extra 1 or 2 or 10 and before we knew it over 330 hens were on their way to their new homes where a life of free ranging, dust baths and sunbathing awaits.

We have a lot of extra hens that Hen Central will help find homes for but an amazing day and a heart-warming feeling knowing that not a single hen from that flock was left behind – just need to re-home these extra girls!

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