British Hen Welfare Trust Re-homing Day 24/02/2019

Another extremely rewarding day at our BHWT re-homing with over 300 hens saved from slaughter and off to their new homes.

An early start to drive to the farm in Lancashire, and with 2 other BHWT teams we’d soon filled 3 sets of crates that would be driven to the collection points in Lancashire and Cheshire and by taking some extra hens the teams were able to clear a complete row and leave it empty – brilliant! It was an unusually warm February day and we made sure there was enough ventilation for the hens in the trailer – strange to be having to think about this in the winter!

We made good time getting back home and the rest of the volunteers soon arrived and we unloaded all of the crates of hens so they could stretch their legs and have their claws trimmed if they needed it.

The 2 hours allocated for the adopters to collect the hens soon passed with all the hens going off to their new lives where fresh air, sunshine and green grass awaits!

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