Butternut Squash 2018

An amazing butternut squash harvest today!

Last winter the soil was covered in the used bedding and manure from the girls, providing a mulch that gave the soil nutrients as well as stopping weeds developing. The bedding rotted down over the winter and spring just in time for the cucurbits (squash and courgettes) to be planted in June.

Whether it was the good weather or the hens’ contribution we had a bumper harvest this year! The 2 courgette plants kept us and the girls supplied with courgettes and marrows; and the patty pan squash plant (also called the scallop squash, a small variety of summer squash) has produced about a dozen squash that we’ve been using for the last few weeks.

The highlight though has been the butternut squash. From 3 plants a whopping 25 squash have been harvested and these will be used from now on throughout the autumn and winter as they store well due to their thick skin. We’ll enjoy soups, curries, pastas, stews and risottos, and Hocus and the rest of the girls will enjoy the seeds and flesh!

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