Campion, Peony and Ruby go to the Vet

After a recent health check I had a few concerns about Campion and Ruby and a current ‘dirty knickers’ issue with Peony meant a triple appointment at the vet today.

I weigh the hens every 2 weeks and the last 3 weights for Campion and Ruby have been increasing steadily and they were both over my trigger of 2.3KG and had abdomens that felt a bit too lumpy, which is a bad sign. However, when I did final check before strapping them into the car they had both mysteriously lost their excess pounds and felt okay! This was confirmed by the vet who found no internal problems with Ruby and whilst Campion had a small non-active lump, she was fine too. The weight gain could be for a number of reasons and I was concerned that it had been creeping up for both hens but I’m glad no real issues were found with Campion or Ruby – they need to ease off the corn though!

Peony had been suffering from a messy rear the last few days resulting in droppings not forming properly and urates sticking to her feathers, and an inflamed cloaca was diagnosed, meaning a short dose of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories that should hopefully clear up this episode, but she may have recurrences later on.

I’ll settle for that! Two hens that had sorted themselves out and medication for Peony that should hopefully clear up her condition!

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