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Tess Comes Out of Her Shell

  • Post category:Behaviour

Tess has grown in confidence over the last week or so and has changed from a hen that was petrified of the girls around her (except her best friend Gertrude!) to one that is fairly comfortable with the rest of the flock! She's still living in the coop with a…

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Tess Moves House

  • Post category:Behaviour

Tess has decided that she's outgrown the broody coop and now wants to live in the bigger coop with some of the other girls! Over the last few days she's becoming more confident and not as scared of the other hens so we're going to try her in the coop…

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Gertrude & Tess

  • Post category:Behaviour

All of the hens we have are special but sometimes there's a hen - or two or three - that melt your heart even more. We re-homed Gertrude and Tess in November 2017 and of the 10 'Roses' these two hens were ill from the start and took a few…

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A Taste of Things to Come

  • Post category:Behaviour

The girls haven't been too impressed with the wet, cold, windy and wintry weather recently, but yesterday brought some sunshine and a little bit of warmth that meant lots of dust and sun bathing. This was particularly enjoyable for The Marys, re-homed in early January, who had only known winter…

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Pip’s New Coat

  • Post category:Behaviour

Pip is growing a new coat, but she's taking rather a long time choosing her attire! Hens moult in the autumn and for the last few weeks Pip has looked a sorry state as her fine covering of feathers have literally fallen out and she's become a shadow of her…

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High Roosting

  • Post category:Behaviour

Little Sapphire's not quite getting it. Every night her 40+ flock mates find their way to the coop and their sleeping places but nature is telling Sapphire to go as high as she can, and the 'attic' (the space under the roof of the run) is proving quite attractive for…

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Lily’s Chick Stick Chorus

  • Post category:Behaviour

Every hen is unique. They have their own personalities and traits and we're reminded of this every day. Whether it's Willow standing stationary watching on whilst every other hen goes mad for strawberries, Rose preferring her own company to that of other hens, or Lily, who has now discovered the…

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Harebell’s Transformation

  • Post category:Behaviour

Harebell has been with us for 2 months now and the transformation that she's made in that time is amazing. Not only has she grown a beautiful set of feathers, but mentally, she has gone from a petrified hen that insisted on sleeping on her own in a cardboard box…

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Rose Goes on a Picnic

  • Post category:Behaviour

Rose is very ill and currently battling inflamed tissue in her abdomen. She's been slowly declining this week despite being on antibiotics and steroids to try and reduce the inflammation, so as a little treat for her we took her on a picnic today! Rose has never been on a…

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Lilac’s Broody Time

  • Post category:Behaviour

Little Lilac's been broody for the last few weeks, but after a spell in the barn without a nest, she's back with the main group and thankfully not showing any interest in sitting on eggs. It's unusual for an ex-commercial hen to go broody but we've had 2 this year…

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The Human Nest Box

  • Post category:Behaviour

I've found a new use for my lap - a nesting area for Lily! The last 2 days, she's jumped up onto my knee, snuggled down, and laid an egg on my lap! As yesterday was the first morning Lily had woken up outside we thought she was a bit…

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Quintuple Integration Day 1

  • Post category:Behaviour

Today was the day we decided to integrate the recent arrivals and the hens that had been poorly but had now recovered enough to be part of the main flock. Integrating 2 groups is bad enough, but we wanted a single flock and to have all the hens outside together,…

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Ruby and the Rubys at 8 Weeks

  • Post category:Behaviour

The Rubys are 8 weeks old today and we thought it was time for them to venture outside! The chicks are not 'chicks' anymore, but more pullets, though the definition is loose, and given a pullet is a hen less than 1 year old, and because they're not 'chicks' anymore,…

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Ruby Starts to Lay Again

  • Post category:Behaviour

Ruby was behaving strangely last night, lots of squawking and gurgling, and the same happened this morning. She spent a lot of time in the broody coop, poking around the corners and crouching on the ground - a little while later we found an egg in the middle of the…

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Ruby and the Rubys at 28 Days

  • Post category:Behaviour

The Rubies continue to grow and it's hard to believe that they're only 4 weeks old, they're so much bigger than they were when they arrived, yet still tuck in under Ruby each night to sleep. I'm finding I'm filling the feeder more often, which is to be expected, and…

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Ruby and the Rubys at 21 Days

  • Post category:Behaviour

I say this on every update on the chicks, but they're growing and they're now around the size of a blackbird! Their feathers are changing to the thicker, darker Welsummer coat and they're starting to show behaviours more, such as preening and dustbathing in the litter in their run. We…

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