Little & Large


One of the hens recently laid a mini egg! It could have been one of the chicks starting to come into lay, or a quirk from another hen. Regardless, we chuckled when we picked it from the nest box, particularly when compared to a regular sized egg.

The Nest Bag


We’ve been on the lookout for some plastic boxes that could be used as nest boxes for the shed conversion, but today Corncockle ignored the nest box in the coop and found a nest bag instead! We had an open bag of Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens beside the coop and after a lot of […]

450 Egg Boxes


Today we bought 450 egg boxes! We visited Sycamore Farm near Knutsford to have a look around and walked into an Aladdin’s cave of poultry goodies. We’ve seen small poultry sections at country supply shops, but it was good to be in a shop dedicated to all things poultry. There was every conceivable size of […]

Cream Eggs


Not the chocolate variety, but the Laurels are laying cream coloured eggs. The egg colour is determined by the ear colour of the hen, and we noticed from rehoming that their ears are a cream colour so expected this, so we’re getting a good supply of a lovely cream coloured egg!

A Little Star


White is the last of our original 4 point of lay hybrids that we got in 2014. She’s a White Star, a White Leghorn cross, and a small hen that lays lovely pure white eggs. We were told when we got her that she’d lay a lot of eggs, and as a result, wouldn’t live […]