The Hollys 6 Month Henniversary


A celebration today as all 4 of The Hollys reached their 6 month milestone with us. These were a group of hens that we took in from an adopter that originally collected them from our BHWT re-homing on the 7th October 2018 but was having problems getting the girls to settle in. They’d been named, […]

The Mavises 6 Month Henniversary


A celebration today as The Mavises reached their first milestone with us – 6 months from their adoption. These were a group of 7 hens that we adopted after our BHWT re-homing in September 2018 and sadly Clove is no longer with us, but her sisters are thriving. Aster doesn’t let her twisted beak stop […]

The Petunias 18 Month Henniversary


A celebration today as The Petunias celebrated 18 months with us – meaning these 4 hens have spent the majority of her life here – which is a great milestone for them to reach! Originally a group of 11 that were adopted in August 2017 they all soon settled in and grew a new set […]

Clematis’s 18 Month Henniversary


Happy Henniversary Clematis, or Clem to her friends! Today she celebrated 18 months with us – meaning she’s spent the majority of her life here – which is a great milestone for our hens to reach. Clem arrived at the end of July 2017 along with Dahlia and Larkspur who are sadly no longer with […]

The Dahlias 6 Month Henniversary


Happy 6 month henniversary to The Dahlias! Our last henniversary of 2018 and today the 6 month celebration of all 7 of The Dahlias reaching this milestone so a party and cake for the girls on Christmas Eve! Bitsy still has a bit of a limp and twist when she walks but she’s a character […]

The Greys 2 Year Henniversary


Happy 2 year henniversary to The Greys! It was the 21st December 2 years ago that I collected Eve, Ivy and Merry as a Christmas present for Sarah and these hens lived in the barn quietly for a few days until being unveiled on Christmas day. Now 2 years later, sadly Ivy isn’t with us, […]

The Rubys 18 Month Henniversary


Happy 18 month henniversary to The Rubys! It’s also a ‘happy birthday’ to these girls as we got these hens as day old chicks for Ruby, one of our ex-commercial hens that was broody. We tentatively put the chicks under Ruby and she took to them and brought them up – it was lovely to […]

The Lilacs 6 Month Henniversary


Happy 6 month henniversary to The Lilacs! These were a group of 10 hens that we adopted from the first re-homing we had from our house in June 2018, named in honour of Lilac, and we gave all of these girls names of varieties of lilac. All 10 are still with us and have taken […]

The Fleurs 6 Month Henniversary


A good day today as we celebrated all 6 of The Fleurs reaching their 6 month henniversary. The weather was completely different to the warm, dry and sunny day in June when they arrived, but that didn’t stop them and their cake was polished off quickly! All girls have a lovely set of feathers for […]

The Roses 1 Year Henniversary


A milestone today as The Roses reached 1 year with us! The Roses were a group of 10 hens we adopted in November 2017 and unusually were re-homed at 90 weeks rather than the usual 72, making this day even more special as they’re about 4 months older than they would typically be at their […]

The Laurels 18 Month Henniversary


A milestone today as The Laurels reached 18 months with us! These were a group of 12 hens that we adopted in May 2017 and the remaining 3 hens from the group celebrated their achievement today. Every 6 months is marked and 18 months signifies the point where a hen will have spent the majority […]

The Barn Girls 2 Year Henniversary


Happy 2 Year Henniversary to The Barn Girls today as all 3 of this little flock have been with us exactly 2 years now! This group has done a lot in their time with us and we’re thrilled that all 3 have reached this milestone. Willow has been a very successful BHWT sponsor hen, Ruby […]

The Petunias 1 Year Henniversary


A milestone today as The Petunias reached 1 year with us. These were a group of 11 hens that came to us with 3 prolapses (Clover, Corncockle and Cover), one very petrified hen (Harebell) and several extremely bald hens but they all transformed into beautiful fully feathered brown hens. Unfortunately we have lost Campion, Clover, […]

The Whites 1 Year Henniversary


A milestone today as Clematis (or ‘Clem’ – as she has become known as!) reached 1 year with us. Clematis, Dahlia and Larkspur were re-homed on the 30th July 2017 and sadly Dahlia and Larkspur are no longer with us, so a good chance to take a moment to remember them as well as celebrate […]

The Marys 6 Month Henniversary


A milestone for The Marys today as they celebrated 6 months with us! This is the group of 6 hens we re-homed in January 2018, named after Mary, and after a cold and long winter they’re now enjoying a warm summer. Arriving with feathers missing all hens are now fully feathered and enjoying their life. […]

The Roses 6 Month Henniversary


The first milestone for The Roses today as they celebrated 6 months with us! This is the group of 10 hens we re-homed in November 2017, named after Rose, and sadly Mary is no longer with us but the other 9 have now reached the 6 month mark – the absolute minimum that we hope […]

The Laurels 1 Year Henniversary


A milestone today as The Laurels reached 1 year with us. This is the group of 12 hens we re-homed in May 2017, named after Laurel, and a few weeks ago we were hopeful that all 12 would make it to this stage but sadly we lost 4 from this group recently, so today was […]

Pip, Ruby & Willow’s 18 Month Henniversary


A sunny day today celebrating 1.5 years for Pip, Ruby and Willow’s 18 month henniversary! This group, known as ‘The Barn Girls’ (as they came from a commercial barn rather than a caged environment) continue to thrive and have now passed the milestone of having spent more time with us than in their commercial life, […]