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Electric Fence Extension

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We recently added another 25 metres of electric fencing to our system to give the hens more space as well as to let the ground recover from the demolition the girls had done to it over the winter! We use Hotline Poultry Netting which is straightforward to install and extends…

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Escaping the Beast

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The 'Beast from the East' has arrived - and the girls don't like it! Most of the hens are okay with winter conditions and have lovely thick coats to keep them warm, but those that were re-homed recently, or those that are not feeling 100% will benefit from a less…

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Mastering the New Perches

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The girls are getting used to the new perches that were recently installed in the shed and now the majority of the hens are using them - some still need a bit of help though! It's been interesting to watch them use these and as I thought the 'top hens'…

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Moving House

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The shed's all set up now - apart from a few finishing touches - and the girls have started to move in! We put down some thick plastic on the floor to help with cleaning, and weighed this down with bricks in each corner to also add a bit more…

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Ready for the Roses

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We have a British Hen Welfare Trust re-homing tomorrow and we'll be bringing back our next group, The Roses. Rather than deal with makeshift accommodation that we’ve constructed recently for the unplanned groups that have been re-homed we've made a dedicated area for the hens in a section of our…

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312 Square Metres

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The hens have a 50m electric fenced area, shaped as a square of 12.5m on each side making 156 square metres in total. Today we added another 25m net to the setup and doubled their space to 312 square metres. We have a Hotline poultry electric fence that came in…

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Spring Clean 2017

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It's been really warm the last few days and today was a good chance to give the coop a thorough clean. I do this as often as I can but at least twice a year, when the weather's warm enough for the wood to dry before the girls go to…

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Shed Shopping

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Today feels like we've taken a real step towards scaling up - we've bought a shed! When I say shed, I mean coop, and this seemed the most cost and time effective way to have strong and secure housing for the first group of 50 hens. Going forward I'll build…

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