Apple & Cabbage Treats


The girls are enjoying the autumn harvest and today they dined on apple and cabbage, a nice healthy treat for them and plenty for everyone! We supplement the hens diet with fruit and vegetables that we grow ourselves and despite the cabbage white butterfly invading the crop, there are still a lot of useable cabbages […]

The Rubys Change to Growers Pellets


The Rubys are growing up fast and increasing in size quite considerably, and today we changed their diet to introduce Growers Pellets, which they’ll be on from about 8 weeks to 16 weeks. They’ve been fed Chick Crumb since day 1, which contains a higher amount of protein to help with their early muscular and […]

A Sack of Feed


The sack of feed that the hens started last Monday has finished! The guidance that we used was pretty accurate, and one 20kg sack of feed for 21 hens lasted 7 days. This gives us a good idea how much feed we’d need on a weekly basis when we increase the number of hens that […]

Stocking up on Feed


A trip to the mill shop today to stock up on feed for the girls. More than doubling the flock size will more than double the food requirement, so I bought 3 sacks of layers pellets and 1 sack of layers mash. We need to understand how much feed we’ll need when we increase the […]

Fruit Time


Most days the girls have some fruit in the afternoon, and enjoy this nutritious snack. Today it was some apple and pear cores, but they love plums, strawberries and other fruit too! We try and hold the cores up for them to peck at, rather than throwing the core onto the ground where it will […]

Easter Popcorn


An Easter treat for the little people today – two tubs of poultry popcorn, rather than chocolate eggs! They hadn’t had this delicacy before, but Sarah bought a tub with garlic and a tub with fruit. The ingredients look good, and whilst the girls were very inquisitive at the start, they didn’t eat the treat […]