A Five Year Henniversary

A special anniversary today, five years ago on the 4th January 2015 we adopted our first 3 ex-battery hens, Angel, Belle and Holly. Moved by Sophie McCoy's 'Tales from the Coop' that we got a few days before at Christmas we set about making a new coop and run and…

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The Super Six

We typically adopt several small groups of hens throughout the year and these girls are given a group name and each hen has an individual name. We identify these groups and celebrate their henniversaries. However, sometimes, for whatever reason, different groups form - individual hens that are put together -…

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The Nearly Girls 2018

As BHWT volunteers there's nothing quite like the wonderful feeling at the end of a re-homing day when you know so many girls have gone off to a new life with so many adventures ahead of them. Several re-homings have been touched with sadness though - four little hens taken…

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Beefree Designs Greetings Cards

Beefree Designs Greetings Cards

We got a wonderful package in the post today - 12 greetings cards from the lovely Elaine Innes at Beefree Designs that she sent to us to sell to raise funds for the hens. The cards are beautiful, and we received the 'Roaming Free' series of 3 cards whose designs…

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Happy Mother’s Day Ruby

Happy Mother’s Day Ruby

Happy Mother's Day to Ruby today! Last summer Ruby informed us that she would like to be a mum and after deliberating what to do, we wanted to help Ruby do what nature was telling her, and so arrived Crystal, Pearl and Sapphire. Ruby spent weeks keeping them warm and…

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Winter Weather

The girls are not impressed with the weather! There's the odd day with a little heat in the sun but the wet muddy ground, cold wind and rain feature most weeks and can't be much fun for the hens - or us. We're doing what we can though and our…

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Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year! The new calendar was put up today with Orchid being January's hen, and as we start the new year it’s good to look back on what happened in 2017 - in numbers! In 2017: • We welcomed 46 hens to the flock • Sadly, we said goodbye…

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Christmas 2017 for the Hens

Christmas 2017 for the Hens

The girls have had a lovely Christmas this year! The celebrations started on Christmas Eve with a full clean out of their coop and a nice deep layer of fresh eucalyptus bedding in for them to sleep on, and whole bag of woodchip in their run to replace the compacted…

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Too Much Snow

Too Much Snow

It's been snowing the last few days and whilst there was excitement when the white stuff arrived, the girls are a bit wary of it now, particularly as it's a few inches deep and very cold and wet on their feet! When we've let the hens out the last couple…

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Orchid’s Glamping Trip

Orchid’s Glamping Trip

As part of Orchid's recuperation we thought she deserved a little break away in the Shropshire hills, and because she would have difficulty putting up a tent, glamping it was! She packed her little bag full of life's essentials: layers pellets, water, grapes, and of course some disposable gloves, 2…

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Local Fete 2017

Local Fete 2017

Today we were at our local fete, and had a stall - well a wheelbarrow - filled with 26 boxes of eggs, and we sold out! A few days ago a leaflet was delivered advertising the local fete, with stalls, competitions and a Pimms tent - it sounded good and…

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