Chick Steps

If this was about people the title would be ‘Baby Steps’ but as it’s about hens, ‘Chick Steps’ are more appropriate! A good day today! I went to the kitchen first thing in the morning to discover Marigold had laid her egg, meaning that she could have her implant that would stop her laying and give the prolapse a good chance of healing.

Berry still wasn’t looking good though and I was concerned about her, she had her medicine reluctantly but when I left she was still hunched with her eyes closed and showing any interest in eating or drinking. I syringed in some critical care into her crop to maintain her hydration so that at least she would have some fluids for the next few hours.

Marigold’s implant went well and hopefully her inflammation will reduce, giving the prolapse a better chance of staying where it should – if it doesn’t there are options with stitching, but for now the vet wants to give things a try as they are. I arrived home and got a lovely surprise – Berry’s eyes were open! She was wandering around her cage with Poppins and whilst her demeanour is far from normal, she’s showing a bit of interest in food now, and both her and Marigold have started taking small steps in the right direction.

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