Christmas 2017 for the Hens

The girls have had a lovely Christmas this year! The celebrations started on Christmas Eve with a full clean out of their coop and a nice deep layer of fresh eucalyptus bedding in for them to sleep on, and whole bag of woodchip in their run to replace the compacted mud that had built up over the last few weeks.

They got some great presents on Christmas day: a Hentastic starter pack full of their favourite treats, a homemade sunflower seed ring, a bubble machine to amuse themselves with in the summer, a xylophone for the budding musicians in the flock, a bottle of oregano tonic to keep them healthy, and, the present they were most delighted with, a cabbage!

They’ve spent the last couple of days enjoying the mild weather and gorging on Brussels sprouts peelings and an abundance of other treats – just as well there’s plenty of ventilation in their coop!

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