Countryfile Live 2018

A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding weekend spent volunteering at the British Hen Welfare Trust (BWHT) stand at Countryfile Live at the stunning Blenheim Palace near Oxford.

I was helping on Saturday and Sunday so after a 4:30am alarm and setting off at 5am I arrived at the showground in plenty of time. The stand looked great! The BHWT shared the space with Poultry Talk, The Poultry Club of Great Britain, Omlet and Peck & Feather and the space was brimming with hens, chicks and all sorts of poultry goodies!

An amazing 2 days followed with a continuous stream of visitors to the stand and a great chance to talk about the work of the BHWT, encourage free range egg consumption and to show children and adults alike the wonderful pets that re-homed hens make. I met one of Willow’s sponsors and was great to speak to them about how she’s getting on – including her recent party to celebrate her 18 month henniversary – as well as my conversation with a young girl who asked what the red thing on top of the hen’s head was – “That’s her comb”, I said, “and the red things under her beak are her wattles”. “They’re lovely”, said the girl, “I’d LOVE some wattles” !

Sunday afternoon flew by and the show closed at 5:30pm. We spent the next 2 hours packing up some of the marquees and giving the 12 show hens a well-earned rest – it was around 30′ on Sunday and just as well the girls were under the canopy of the marquee to keep them cool. I got back home around 10pm tired but extremely satisfied after a wonderful 2 days.

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