Cowslip and Larkspur’s Trip to the Vet

A trip to the vet today for Cowslip and Larkspur; Larkspur has had a few quiet moments the last few weeks but has always recovered after medication and Cowslip has been declining slowly for several weeks and not responded to recent medication.

Larkspur is very poorly and has a bad infection and several ‘lumps and bumps’ inside her that are not a good sign. She’s passed several lashes recently, a mixture of puss and material from her oviduct, which indicates salpingitis, an infection in the oviduct. Her medication’s been extended and she’ll be on antibiotics and steroids for the next 2 weeks to see how that helps her.

Cowslip’s condition unfortunately is much worse. Her weight is too low and due to either tumours or liver deterioration, she is dying and we feared this. In her case, sadly, nothing can be done to cure her and we did the last kind thing we could do for her to remove her suffering.

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