Escaping the Beast

The ‘Beast from the East’ has arrived – and the girls don’t like it! Most of the hens are okay with winter conditions and have lovely thick coats to keep them warm, but those that were re-homed recently, or those that are not feeling 100% will benefit from a less hostile environment and a few have been moved into the barn to escape the wild weather.

We put some extra wind breaks up outside to give more shelter but there are still some hens that are staying in the warmth of the coop and as a consequence are not coming out as much for food and water. In their previous life they were in an indoor environment with a temperature of around 25’C so you can imagine that a temperature of -10’C with snow, wind, and ice is a bit of a shock to them! These girls have been moved into the spare hospital area in the barn and whilst it’s still cool there’s no biting wind and they can stay in there until the upcoming blizzards have gone.

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