Fly High Blossom

Today we lost Blossom, our ‘little hen with the orange band’. She was one of the group of 12 hens that we named ‘The Laurels’ that were re-homed in May 2017 and she had 1 year with us.

Blossom’s personality stood out from the start; she was the chattiest of her group and also the friendliest – often being found at our feet – and there are countless times that she’d jump onto our laps looking for food. All of the hens we re-home are special, but some touch your heart with their character and how they interact with you, and Blossom was one of those hens, and she’ll be missed. She enjoyed 1 year of freedom; doing as she pleased and enjoying the natural environment around her; she spent her last day relaxing under an umbrella surrounded by treats and being pampered.

However, she hadn’t been herself the last few days and despite medication, died in her sleep last night, exactly 1 year after her re-homing.

Fly high sweet girl.

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