Fly High Brambles

Today we lost Brambles. She was one of the ‘September 7’, from our September 2015 rehoming and had been fighting illness for some time, but today it became too much, and we took her to the vet to end her discomfort and spare her a terrible death.
Her rattling had slowly become worse, particularly at night, and whilst this was being managed by steroids, there was now significant build-up of fluid in her abdomen and lungs and had this continued, she would have choked to death. These situations are always terrible as a pet owner, but we need to take advice from our vet and do what is best for the animal, and in this instance, we would not have wanted Brambles to suffer for the sake of having her for a few more days, and her life was ended in a caring, humane way.

She had a good life with us, over 19 months of care and freedom. Named Brambles because at rehoming day she was aggressive towards the others in the crate, but this soon stopped and she blossomed into a fully feathered hen. Not one for attention, she quietly got on with life, living it to the full, and it was only in the recent months that she showed more of her personality, jumping on my knee for a treat, and following her human carers around. A few months ago, small tumours and fluid were discovered in her abdomen and palliative steroids were part of her daily routine, disguised in sweetcorn or a grape. She had plenty of eggy, fruit or corn treats, and digging expeditions in the woodchip paths, to show her in those final weeks that she was cared for.

Fly high sweet girl.

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