Fly High Corncockle

Today we lost Corncockle. She was one of the 11 hens that became ‘The Petunias’ that were re-homed in August 2017 and had just over 250 days with us.

She had a small prolapse when she arrived, but that healed and she soon got on with her new life. She enjoyed hen and human company and was the first of the girls to pick a bag of straw as a nesting box, as well as the first to leap onto my back when I was bending down taking pictures of the hens one day, then made her way to my shoulders! Corncockle – or ‘CC’ to us – was a beautiful, friendly, adorable hen that embraced her new life and enjoyed being part of the flock, but still found the time to be friendly to the humans too!

She had a couple of small spells of respiratory illness a few months ago, but these were cleared up with antibiotics and she showed no signs of being poorly recently, only a little quiet this morning and unfortunately took a turn for the worse very quickly and died in our arms this afternoon.

Fly high sweet girl.

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