Fly High Dahlia

Today we lost Dahlia. She was one of the 3 hens that became ‘The Whites’ that were re-homed in July 2017 and had over 270 days with us.

The Whites were a welcome surprise for us – we didn’t expect to take any hens from the re-homing that day as we had a family commitment, but there were 3 hens left over that had limps and we happily went to pick them up. Dahlia had a bad leg when she arrived but soon got over that and spent the first few weeks indoors getting well and preparing for her new life. We have a lovely picture of Dahlia in the deep bed that we made for Clematis – I think she liked the look of the straw and food and decided to get in herself!

Dahlia – or ‘double yellow!’ – soon established herself in the flock, enjoying the sunshine on her back, the grass under her feet, she could dustbathe when she liked, and had as much food as she wanted.

She was a bit quiet over the last few days but not to the level where we thought she needed medication or to see a vet, and sadly died in her sleep last night.

Fly high sweet girl.

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