Fly High Daisy

Today we lost Daisy. She was one of the group of 12 hens that we named ‘The Laurels’ that were re-homed in May 2017 and she had over 440 days with us.

Arriving missing a few feathers, she soon grew them back and spent over a year enjoying her free range life, dining on fresh grass, cabbages, tomatoes, strawberries and many other delicious things. She had freedom to do what she wanted to do and spent many days foraging, dustbathing, lying in the sun and wading through the snow!

However, she had been ill the last few days and had developed tumours and fluid in her abdomen, the tumours were pushing onto her spine, and she couldn’t walk. We took her to the vet as the only, and last, kind thing we could do for her.

Fly high sweet girl.

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