Fly High Harebell

Today we lost Harebell. She was one of the 11 hens that became ‘The Petunias’ that were re-homed in August 2017 and had over 270 days with us.

Harebell arrived as one of the most feather-bare and nervous hens we’ve re-homed. She didn’t like being around the others at all, and after settling them all down for the night in the barn in the first few weeks, we’d find that Harebell had somehow managed to escape and found a cardboard box to spend the night in by herself instead!

She soon grew her feathers back though and transformed to a beautiful hen, but still kept her distinctive comb that was a little smaller than normal, and with what looked like a chunk taken out of it – probably from her time in the cages.

Over the last couple of months she had small spells of illness and despite a few small ‘lumps and bumps’ was given a good bill of health from the vet. She had a small lump of fibrous material in her crop, but she seemed to cope okay with that by drinking huge amounts of water!

Unfortunately though, as it seems to be with The Petunias, she became ill very suddenly and died peacefully today, lying on soft grass with the sun on her back.

Fly high sweet girl.

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