Fly High Hazel

Today we lost Hazel. She was one of the group of 7 hens that we named ‘The September 7’ that were re-homed in September 2015 and she had over 2.5 years with us.

Hazel was the top hen from that group, and maintained her position as more hens arrived over the years; at the beginning she would stand at the entrance to the coop every night and peck the other hens as they went inside – to remind them all that she was in charge! She was a strong hen and lived almost 2 years longer than the first hen we lost from that group, and in the time we had Hazel, 63 other hens arrived, and she outlived a lot of them. We’d love if more hens that we re-homed lived as long as Hazel – she had 968 days with us and enjoyed 3 springs and 2 summers, hundreds of days of good weather (for hens!), freedom to do as she pleased, as much food as she wanted, and plenty of treats, including several henniversay cakes!

Hazel had a lump in her abdomen that was discovered in 2016 but it was only recently that it started to bother her and after a recent vet appointment she was put on steroids as palliative care. She had small periods of illness but always seemed to recover from these, but sadly her recent condition was too much and she died in my arms this afternoon.

Fly high sweet girl.

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