Fly High Larkspur

Today we lost Larkspur. She was one of the 3 hens that became ‘The Whites’ that were re-homed in July 2017 and had over 320 days with us.

Larkspur had a bad leg when she arrived but soon got over that and spent the first few weeks indoors getting well and preparing for her new life. She was the least injured of these 3 hens and ventured around the barn more than the others – Ruby and the chicks were in the same area and she’d often wander over to see what they were doing!

She settled into the flock well and enjoyed her free range life, eating and drinking as much as she liked, and dustbathing to her heart’s content. However, over the last few months had several spells of illness that she always recovered from, but after a recent trip to the vet, a lot of ‘lumps and bumps’ were discovered and she was put on a 2 week course of antibiotics and steroids to try and clear her infection and attempt to control her inflamation. Unfortunately she didn’t respond as we’d hoped and she died in my arms today.

Fly high sweet girl.

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