Fly High Marigold

Today we said goodbye to Marigold. She was one of the 7 hens that became ‘The Hazels’ that were rehomed in July 2017 and had 10 months with us.

Of those 7 hens there were a few that were poorly with limps so the group was fragmented from the start with only Marigold and Honeysuckle in the main pen. Those two hens formed an immediate bond that lasted the whole time they were with us and was heart-warming to witness. They would do everything together – forage, dustbathe, sunbathe, and sleep side by side. When Marigold was ill in January with a prolapse, we brought Honeysuckle in with her to cheer her up and we’ve seen times when Marigold was pecked by another hen and Honeysuckle would step in to protect her friend. To help heal her prolapse Marigold had an implant to stop her laying and despite the hormones having an effect on her mood, she still stuck close to Honeysuckle.

In the last few weeks though Marigold became ill and despite the implant, antibiotics and steroids she lost her appetite and slowly deteriorated, and we did the last kind thing we could for her and took her to the vet to end her pain.

Such as lovely, adorable hen.

Fly high sweet girl.

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