Fly High Pumpkin

Today we lost Pumpkin. She was one of the ‘September 7’, from our September 2015 rehoming and had been on palliative care with steroids for a while, but this morning she was very still in the coop, so we moved her to a separate coop and gave her some eggy mash as a treat, but she died shortly afterwards.

She had a good life with us, over 20 months of care and freedom. Named Pumpkin due to the large comb she had that made us think of the mouth you’d cut out on a pumpkin at Halloween! She was very much in the background for most of her time with us, which is a good thing, and showed us that she was getting on with her life, and enjoying the freedom she had. We took her to the vets a couple of times in her first year but it was in February 2017 that we noticed a weight increase due to fluid build-up and her palliative care started, giving her steroids when she looked like she needed it.
In the last week though, outwardly she looked fine and it seemed that she had a decent amount of energy, and yesterday Sarah and I both watched her dig a small patch of ground and then use that for a dust bath. We also bought a large sack of Poultry Picnic recently, and she was always near the front of the line when this was being served! Her last few days were good days, and in some kind way, she only appeared to become very ill quite suddenly, so would not have suffered for a long time.
Such was her distinctive look that we had nicknamed Iris, one of the Laurels, ‘Little Pumps’, in recognition of her resemblance to Pumpkin (Pumps!), particularly her comb and face. Pumpkin’s memory will live on, and whilst Iris has her own personality and traits, at the back of our minds, she is ‘Little Pumps’.

Fly high sweet girl.

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