Fly High Rose

Today we lost Rose. All hens are special, but Rose was a very special hen and unfortunately only had 3 months free with us, but 3 months of care and attention and now free from pain, leaves us with lovely memories of the short time we had with her.

Rose arrived in July 2017, one of 7 hens and at first sight was ‘normal’, as her sisters brought with them damaged wings, limbs and a prolapse. Rose was always different though. Scarred mentally and, as we now know, physically from her previous life she was petrified of the other hens and needed special treatment from the start.

She preferred her own company and was given a private suite, occasionally venturing out of her accommodation and building up her confidence around some of the other hens. She befriended White, and we have a lovely picture of the two of them sunbathing together on a warm August day. She did eventually settle with the flock, but still with the odd ‘Rose’ moment of perching on the coop door or settling down for the night outside the coop high up on the side of the run, and laterally finding solace on top of the new feeder – a habit she has now passed on to little Columbine!

Ultimately though, she had abdominal inflammation that could not be healed and despite medication this week and positive signs yesterday, she died in our arms today. She deserved more than 3 months with us, but at least she had those 3 months, with an identity, care, fresh grass under her feet, sunshine on her wings and as much food as she wanted.

Fly high sweet girl.

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