Fly High White

Today we lost White. Losing a hen is never easy, but this was particularly sad as White was the last remaining hen from our first group of hens that we got over 3 years ago.

White’s been there from the very start. In May 2014 when Amber, Brown, Grey and White arrived as point of lay hybrid hens little did we know that 3 years later we’d be welcoming in the 61st hen to the flock, such was the effect these lovely creatures were to have on our lives. She’s seen a lot of hens come and go, but since we started to increase our numbers, she was the constant in the group, and it won’t be the same without her – a small White Star hen, dove-like in appearance, that was instantly recognisable in a sea of brown hens.

She wasn’t a hen for ‘cuddles’ and was difficult to pick up as she was very flighty but her personality shone in different ways. She laughed at our attempts to confine her with flimsy plastic netting and would jump up and swing from the top of it before casually dropping herself to the other side, where she could explore a larger area. After her good friend Amber died last year she kept herself to herself, though her and Rose recently started to form a bond after both being ill, and we have a lovely picture of the two of them sunbathing together and her friendship towards Rose probably helped Rose with her insecurities. She had a quiet authority, not aggressive to the others, but had the respect of most of the flock. She liked a snooze in the afternoon, and was partial to an apple – if we put one in the run she would wander up to it and walk off with it, regardless of whoever else was interested in it, then devour it in a quiet corner! She laid pure white eggs, and rarely missed a day in the first 3 years of her life so must have laid several hundred, but she stopped laying a few months ago after an illness. The illness was with her on and off and she looked to have bounced back after her last spell but ultimately she couldn’t fight off this recent episode.

This little white hen has left a big space in the flock, and a hen we will never forget; whenever we see white hen or egg we’ll look back fondly on ‘White’.

Fly high sweet girl.

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