Foxglove, Rose and Tulip go to the Vet

Rose and Tulip haven’t been too well over the weekend and after they moved into the kitchen on Sunday but showed no improvement on Monday, we headed off to see the vet, bringing Foxglove along too to get her prolapse checked. We’re fortunate to have the excellent Avian Veterinary Services relatively close to hand and they were able to see the hens at relatively short notice.

Foxglove’s had a prolapse since rehoming. It’s not a ‘full’ prolapse but is still flesh that should be inside rather than outside. She’s doing okay though and it doesn’t seem to bother her – she still lays eggs and gets on with her daily activities. We’re keeping it clean with a disinfectant spray and will carry on doing this but she will be on medication for 2 weeks to see if that will reduce the size of her prolapse.

Tulip had a prolapse too. We can normally ‘glove up’ and put things back where they should go but this was a bit different and Tulip herself was very withdrawn since it happened and hasn’t been eating and drinking much. Tulip was a bit brighter today though and had thorough look around the consolation room before switching on the weighing scales with her beak before her examination! After inspection, the prolapse wasn’t deemed too bad and Tulip was given medication for a week to clear up any potential infection and help things heal.

Rose though isn’t too good. She has a lot of either infectious or cancerous tissue in her abdomen and the outlook isn’t good. She’s never laid an egg since she’s been with us – about 3 months – and it’s likely that this issue has been with her for a while, slowly building up until it’s really affecting her, now. She was given the full treatment though; steroids, antibiotics and fluid injections and we’ll continue this medication for the next few days and hopefully she’ll respond well and start to make improvements. Regardless, she’ll be thoroughly spoiled over the next week and has moved into the kitchen where we can keep a close eye on her.

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