Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year! The new calendar was put up today with Orchid being January’s hen, and as we start the new year it’s good to look back on what happened in 2017 – in numbers!

In 2017:
• We welcomed 46 hens to the flock
• Sadly, we said goodbye to 9
• The girls laid over 4,500 eggs
• We helped at 4 BHWT rehomings
• The BHWT rehomings we helped at re-homed over 1700 hens
• We helped at 2 shows, Gardens World Live and Countryfile Live
• We made 2 new coops – 1 to hold 1 broody hen and 1 to hold 50!
• The electric fence now gives the hens over 300 square metres of protection
• We went to the vet 14 times
• The hens eat on average two 20 KG sacks of food a week
• We bought two 30 KG feeders
• We bought four 30 litre drinkers
• We raised over £500 in egg and plant sales

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